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Proudly Helping Union Families Since 2004
There are many ways in which you can help families in hardship and
make a difference in someones life.
Sponsor A Union Family
Help a family in hardship by making a donation.  All contributions are
used to purchase grocery gift cards so a family can purchase their
own traditional Christmas dinner for their family.
Spread The Cheer
Please help spread the cheer by passing information
on to your union, labour council, sister locals, region
and committees.  

The more people that know about our cause...the
more families we can help!  
Show support in word and
in deed.  Send a note of
encouragement, walk a
picket-line for an hour,
honk your horn when you
pass one, drop off hot
drinks when its cold or
cold water when its hot.
The smallest acts of kindness, encouragement and support make huge differences and give
people strength.
Make a difference in your community.  Help
collect, sort and distribute non-perishable
food and toys.  

Operation Christmas Cheer will gladly
pick-up any donations you are able to
Collect food and toys at your workplace or local.  
Click Here to download an
OCC Food and Toy Drive Poster
Have questions, need ideas...we are here to help YOU, please do not hesitate to
email me : )